Friday, May 7, 2010

The Tea Party Movement is for transparency! ...or is it?1?

Pete Ashdown, Internet Entrepreneur and founder of X Mission put this up on Youtube.  Okay, full disclosure... he is (says in a loud whisper) A Democrat!  Apparently while campaigning for public office, taking donations from the public for his senate bid and lecturing us on the fabric of the Constitution and warning us it is under attack, Mike Lee's campaign wants to limit how the information gets out to the citizens and delegates who are likely to put him in a two way race for the US Senate.  Ashdown is a voter and a potential constituant. 

Now controlling the message is something amoral corporate machines do and something dictators do or something we would expect from , dare I say it... communism!  It is not something that a candidate who supports liberty and free speech would engage in..... is it?

Come on GOP Delegates and Tea Party activists... call this man on his restrictions of speech and his lack of campaign transparency.  This man and his campaign are engaged in hypocritical activities and will say and do almost anything to get elected and if you support this end justifies the means tactic you are no better than the elected officials you are railing against. 

Special thanks to Glen Warchol for putting this up