Sunday, July 29, 2012

.... and now for something very important !!!

When my father died in April he left nothing in place.  I am still dealing with his estate and selling off the assets.  We made a decision, the day he died to donate his eyes.  They were the only organ that was in good enough condition to, after his heart attack, to donate.  The Moran Eye Center, Utah Lions Eye Bank told us they would let us know the disposition of his eyes.  If the components were not transplantable, they would be used for research.  I received the following letter in the mail yesterday:

I was thrilled and somewhat emotional to read that my father's eyes had helped to provide sight to two people who had been blind.  I wish I could blame this selfless act on him.  Unfortunately, he did not discuss donation with us prior to his death.  His driver's license proudly proclaimed him a veteran but not a donor.  He exhibited a "me first" libertarian attitude that was magnified in the several years before his death.  Three out the the four of us children are atheist and believe his legacy would be continued through his memory and whatever goodness he left behind.  It was only because we were asked that we donated.  In our grief we did not have the forethought to seek out the eye bank.  The four of us, without hesitation, determined it was the right thing to do.  Now, two people will see thanks to the selflessness of Parley's children and the vehicle of his eyes.  We miss him every day but at least out of the senselessness of his death came some good that we can, in our own way, celebrate.  

Utah residents can register here:  I am a donor and my spouse is as well.  We are encouraging everyone to do the same.

Chick-Fil-A: Hate & the Boldness Facebook gives us to say stupid shit!

I have not only watched but participated in the Chick-fil-A debate.  When it comes to this company, I, in typical hipster fashion, have declined to give this restaurant my business for a couple of years now.  First of all, I think their chicken batter is too sweet but more importantly they divert a large portion of their profits to hate organizations like National Organization for Marriage (NOM).  The issue here is not Dan Cathy's professions of faith or his personal belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.  It is the infusion of cash into the political lobbying machine that seeks to make his personal beliefs the laws of the land.  

So Facebook becomes the battlefield for this debate.  One Facebook Friend posted a photo of he and his wife holding up their Chick-fil-A bag.  It was the photo which instigated this brief discussion:

  • We are not just posting our support of Chick-fil-A . . . We are going to the store in support of their strong values.16 hours ago · 
Kevin Dudley Which values are those....
16 hours ago · 

  •  Kevin, don't play coy with me . . . you know right values, even if you chose to hide from them.16 hours ago · 
Kevin Dudley Yes I know love. That is not what you are suggesting we support here. Say it out loud. I am not playing coy. What is the value you support with this message?

What are the right values? The biblical definition of marriage? Or in Utah, the Mormon definition of marriage where polygamy is still doctrinal and practiced eternally? I loved this authors take on biblical marriage and the Chick-fil-A controversy:

My Daughter posted the following MEME to her Facebook page:

She got the following response: 
Nope. They are both equally depressing & disturbing. And I ate at chick fil a today. Mmm.. Homophobia never tasted sooo good. =)

What I find interesting is that they are willing to very proudly show their prejudice. What is the basis for the hate? Scripture? Both posters are Mormons. Both will cite scripture for their hate but neither, I'll bet, would be willing to openly deride a black person or a native American. There is scriptural and doctrinal basis for both.

Finally there was a Christian from Texas who posted this:

    • Kevin Dudley It is not his view that has folk upset. It is his donation of over 5 million dollars to organizations who believe they have a right to enforce their views of marriage on the rest of us by denying homosexuals the secular right of marriage.
      23 hours ago · 

    • Christian from Texas: In AMERICA, people have the right to support whatever organization they want.
      23 hours ago · 

    • Opposing point of view: So then Hate is inherently Christian, and we shouldn't be surprised when Christians show hate towards others? I'm pretty sure that's not what Jesus taught.
      23 hours ago · 
    • Kevin Dudley Sure they do and others have the right to take offense and to openly protest their business activities. Which is why this meme is... well.... Stupid!
      23 hours ago · 

    • Christian from Texas: Not hate, just sticking to Biblical values. I see homosexual sex as no worse of a sin than any non marital sex, sin is sin, and nobody but God can judge us. But if he chooses to support organizations in support of traditional marital values, more power to him. I will go get my chick-fil-a now.

So in America we have the right to support who or whatever belief we choose?  We do. She is right.  However we have an obligation, as well, to keep their religious views that have no basis in reality out of our public policy.  So Dan Cathy can support traditional marriage.  However when he uses his money to support the limitation of others rights he changes the discussion.  I will choose to divert my money to companies that support equality.  I will commit to withhold my money, referrals, and my support from those businesses and business owners who support biblically inspired hate.  I will further commit to actively speaking out against them and their beliefs until it is as embarrassing to be on open gay basher as it is to be an open racist.  So enjoy your Chick-fil-A.  I hope humble pie is served for desert.