Saturday, September 14, 2013

David Alvord is Bad for South Jordan

I have known David Alvord for approximately 7 or so years.  I first met him when my oldest son needed dental work.  As a dentist, David Alvord is capable and friendly.  I never had a problem getting my kids to go to his office.  The services he provided were at the market price.  He was neither inexpensive or too expensive.  I liked his office staff and he was centrally located.

'So what's your problem with Dave then?', you might ask.  My problem with David Alvord is that I don't think he has the temperament to be a successful leader in South Jordan politics.  He is not community minded.  In fact, based on my interactions with David, both personal and through Facebook, I would have to say he is "David" minded.

David entered into a Facebook "debate" with me over religion.  In this particular instance, he used his "professional profile' for this debate. This was during the Facebook period where your comments were emailed on the thread.  When he became frustrated he turned personal attacks.  Attacks like referring to me as some kind of idiot.  Now, he thought better of it and deleted the comment but not before it had been emailed to me.

David adamantly denied that science was useful saying that he was more about applied science not about everything under the umbrella of science.  In the middle of the debate he sent me a personal message to make sure that I would still feel comfortable about coming to his practice.  I mean he would hate to loose a patient over his narrow view of science because that would not be "David" minded.  I am not sure if he is aware but he did loose a patient or two who had been watching the debate unfold.

The second interaction I had with David was over South Jordan's requirement that businesses that employ over 20 people or that are dangerous or in a medical field carry an Automatic Electronic Defibrillator on the premises.  The purpose of the law is to get more of the AED's into the community where they have the possibility to be deployed.  You see, the quicker a heart attack victim gets access to an AED the higher the rate of survival.  A medical professional is the best person to deploy the device.  David of course objected to this.  He took the argument to Facebook through his professional profile.  His argument is that it was an unnecessary expense and that people would think getting a filling was risky.  He then posted a scientific study that proved you were not at a risk of having a heart attack from seeing the dentist.  You know one of those sciencey studies that he is not fond of.

You see David missed the point.  He is a man of means and privilege that could have used that means for the community good.  Instead, he looked out for David in one of the most selfish acts I have seen a medical profession engage in.  Second only to the doctor who refused to see a child, on an urgent visit, because the child's parents had to file for bankruptcy and couldn't pay his bill.

The second reason I cannot support David Alvord for South Jordan Mayor is that he doesn't really understand government.  He wants to cut taxes.  His primary opponent showed that South Jordan Taxes are in the middle.  Not hight not low.  The community enjoys an exceptional quality of life.  That quality of life is in part because of tax dollars.  If there was one thing I was impressed with in South Jordan, it was in the management and planning for the use of community tax dollars.  For most projects, they saved as to not create a debt burden on the citizens.

At the same time he cuts taxes, he also wants to bring canal or secondary water the remaining 70% of the city.  Does he not realize a major infrastructure undertaking that is?  How much money and resources it will use up?  While I think is a great idea to have secondary water to water lawns with,  He can't do both.  He also can't do this immediately.

David doesn't know what the mayor does and also seems to be missing this point: As Kent Money pointed out to me in 2005, the mayor's office is a figure head position.  It has no real influence on the direction of the city.  The city is controlled by the City Manager and the city council.

Finally, David does not favor a South Jordan that welcomes everyone and is inclusive.  He favors one that favors "David".  Limiting high density housing and rezoning the city back to single family homes only ensures that the community will be made up of the top 10% and the rest of the scale will be underrepresented.  South Jordan is already a tough place to live if your are not a home owner.  If you rent. the City doesn't consider you to be credit worthy to have your own water bill.  Under David, the unwelcome matt will be rolled out further.  I wonder how many high density residents he would deny dental service to?  I am sure its not many. You see, the policy of keeping "the other" out doesn't help business grow.  90% of the housing starts in South Jordan have been high density single family homes because that is what the economy supported.

So, given the scope of the Mayor's authority, South Jordan needs an ambassador first.  I don't think David Alvord would make a good ambassador.  He does not see that South Jordan needs to be a city that is inclusive. He is not community minded. He is "David" Minded.  The rest of you are on your own.


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  2. I am not sure what you are saying here.

  3. This article is horrible. I don't think you understand how politics work. Doesn't the city vote for the mayor that they think best represents what they want the city to do or become? It's not like David is trying to hide these facts. If that's what South Jordan residents want, they will vote for him...if not, they won't. The same things your are against (cutting taxes), lots of residents are for. It sounds like you are bitter at him about your previous childish facebook argument and just want to slander him a little bit. This post to me came across as very juvenile. But, you are entitled to your own opinion, just like everyone else.

  4. Thanks for the input Nathan. You really seem to miss the point. I am not bitter about David. I continued to see him at his practice. My children continued to get dental work from him. I just don't think he is the best guy to be an ambassador for a city like South Jordan.

    I know how politics work. Thats why I wrote this post.

  5. Reading your article, as far as I could tell, there were a couple points you were trying to make. Correct me if I'm wrong. The first point I got was that he lacks moral character because first, he personally attacked you from his professional facebook page, and second because he is opposed to having an AED in his dental office. So because of these two things, his morality isn't sufficient enough to be a mayor.

    The second point I got was that he only cares about himself and is "David" minded, and doesn't understand government because he wants to cut taxes, bring in secondary water, and limit high density housing.

    Am I close to what you were going for or way off? I feel like you were trying to give reasons why you can't support him, and don't think he's a good fit for least that's what you say the article is about. Yes?

  6. Unfortunately Nathan, If I were to give a a letter grade for mastering the concepts offered by my post you would get a D-. You did, after all, get your name right.

    He doesn't have the temperament to be an effective leader.

    He is so engrossed in his own selfish pursuits that he is incapable of seeing how his actions both positive and negative impact the community as a whole.

  7. As for the AED issue, Dr. Alvord presented accurate and substantiated information to contrast the City's position. They ignored it.

    Second, he was fighting against an unfunded mandate. If you know politics so well, perhaps you could explain that to everyone.

    Thirdly, per your article, you support socialism. "The purpose of the law is to get more of the AED's into the community where they have the possibility to be deployed." and "He is a man of means and privilege that could have used that means for the community good. " So, all those who make a decent salary should support the rest of us at Government's demand. If people want to do it personally, great. Otherwise, government needs to restrict its role.

    Lastly, perhaps a review of Utah Code is in order; but then again, you know politics. So, me explaining how the Mayor is the CEO of the City under NEW LAW passed after 2005 should no impact on your vast understanding from Figurehead Mayor Money.

  8. An unfunded mandate had nothing to do with a governments requirement that licensed business have certain equipment. An unfunded mandate is when a government is supposed to provide a service that no tax dollars were made available for.

    Are you using the term socialist as a way to obfuscate the real issue here?

    Alvord stated that dental services do not increase the risk of a heart attack. That was not the purpose of the law. The purpose of the law is to put these devices in the hands of capable providers who can the deploy them.

    Finally I am not sure what you mean by your last comment. Maybe you could explain it better.